Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I would post over at Television Without Pity where this kind of stuff belongs except that they are soooo picky on the forums. God forbid anyone says what anyone else has said already. I can understand there is a bandwidth reason over there -- that's fine -- I'm choosing not to participate is what I'm saying.

Anyway, the "Veronica Mars" finale last night -- awesome! Actually, the last two episodes were great. I'm really excited this show got renewed. Watch it, people! Watch the DVDs of season one and tell me that's not better that 99% of what's on TV these days. Seriously, you won't be disappointed.

"The Amazing Race" -- woo hoo! The best team wins, again! You couldn't ask for nicer people who would appreciate their winnings more than Uchenna and Joyce. They were so lovely to each other and to everyone else, and when they said they were going for another baby, I almost burst into tears. They seemed like their lives really and truly had been changed. Now, I'm actually not a hater of Rob and Amber like many. I didn't root for them on Survivor and I didn't want them to win here, but I totally give them props for always treating each other well, throughout the race, no matter how hairy things got. Rob may well be a self-important jackass prick, but there is no doubt that he is nuts about Amber, and the one time he got testy with her, in this last episode, he immediately apologized for it. I think they actually have a pretty good chance of having a happy life together and I wish them well with it. And I cannot stand the teams that turn on each other in times of great stress, in large part because I worry that that's how I would be if Ryan and I ever did something like this show together.

Anyway, last night was a good night on TV, so yay! And now my Tuesday night TV/activities-outside-the-house conflict is over for a while, so that's good too. Which is not to say that I'm not counting the days till my two favorite shows in the world start their new seasons!

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