Monday, May 30, 2005

Season Finale Recap

Amazing Race: Good. Really good! I don't care about the whole Rob and Amber thing anymore. The people I liked the best won the race. If it's not cool for it to be a referendum on which team is made up of "good people," it's also not cool to insist that it should be won by the team who "ran the best race." It's about which team hit the mat first, period -- and that was Joyce and Uchenna, period. I'm sending them fertility vibes. Grade: A-

Veronica Mars: Excellent. I have tried to nitpick and have come up short of complaints. It resolved all the key mysteries of the season -- who killed Lily Kane? who drugged and raped Veronica at the 09er party? who is Veronica's father? -- in satisfying ways and set up new conflicts for next season. I'm so glad this show is coming back -- it's the best thing on TV. Grade: A.

Survivor: Horrible. The final two manipulated one poor, stupid, young chump into thinking he owed each of them a level of loyalty no one should reasonably expect in the game. Katie played on the fact that Ian obviously had a crush on her, while Tom, the eventual winner, used the father/son dynamic they'd established to convince Ian to having Tom's respect was worth more than a million dollars. Ian bought it and then Tom cloaked his victory in his own purity and unwillingness to step over the moral divide he'd set for himself in the beginning. Give me a break, Tom. You won because you manipulated your little friend and played the outraged indignation card just right. Enjoy your million buck, you self-righteous turd. Grade: F

Desperate Housewives: Surprisingly good. As with most of the season, I fought against liking this episode and lost. They resolved the Mary Alice mystery in a satisfying way. Lynette got caught messing with Tom's career and he let her have it. Is Rex really dead? Great cliffhanger. I don't really care what happens to Mike and Susan, but the possibility that Mike is Zach's dad is a pretty intriguing one. And what will happen with Gabby pregnant and Carlos in prison? I'll be tuning in in the fall, despite my original thinking that I'd never make it all the way through the first season of this silly show. Grade: B+

Lost: This show is not plotted as well as it thinks it is, and the fact that the all the action in the two-hour season finale could have easily fit into one hour is a prime example. I will keep watching, but there really should be more pay-off per hour than there has been this season. Good cliffhangers for next season, but that's not saying much given that they really didn't resolve much of anything that happened over the course of the first season. Grade: C

CSI: Pretty decent. Watching one of the CSIs dealing with being buried alive made me feel kind of ill, and the closing scene where he visited the daughter of the guy who'd set it all up in prison was totally lame. There was an awesome scene at the beginning where Greg and Hobbs played a Dukes of Hazzard board game though. I give the writers props for that. Grade: B

Are those really all the shows I watch?


Janine said...

re: Desperate Housewives

I do think Rex is really dead, but wonder if 1)Bree will be accused of murder(remember the Dr. suggesting that whoever prepared Rex's meals was poisoning him?) and 2)will it be discovered that George is really at fault?

Chad said...

re: CSI

I would definately grade this episode as probably the best two hours a drama has given me in awhile. I am a fan of Veronica Mars, but the CSI fianle blew it out of the water. It had suspense and a whole lot of Tarentino. Grade: A+

Note: I would have given Veronica Mars an A-, just comparing it to CSI.