Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tracie's 80s Lyrics Challenge

I've seen a few of these online in different places, and ever since I saw the first one, I wanted to do one of my own. So here it is. I spent about a million hours putting it together over the course of a few days last month -- time well spent, no?

Here are some of the others you can find online:

I'm sure it's probably self-explanatory, but just in case it's not, the idea is to guess which 80s song each lyric comes from.

1. We stick together ‘cause we’re strong

2. I don’t understand the wicked things we do

3. Don’t leave your destiny to chance

4. You say that you love me, and that you always will

5. She got a turned-up nose

6. Baby’s gone, all alone

7. You’d better forget it, you’ll never get it

8. Kind hearts don’t grab any glory

9. Words are so cheap, but they can turn out expensive

10. I couldn’t really put it much plainer

11. Come on and touch that place in me that’s calling out your name

12.‘Cause if you’re hungry, take a bite of me

13. Most peculiar, Mama

14. You know you make me feel so strong

15. Called me names and you called your dad

16. But loving you’s the harder part

17. I’m gonna try with all my might to make the storyline come true

18. Frame me and hang me on the wall

19. The sun is bursting right out of the sky

20. Candles, they light the dark

21. Choose my color, find a star

22. As long as we abuse it we are never going to lose it

23. You wanna martyr me too

24. Who’s got the touch to calm the storm inside

25. Add me to the broken hearts you’ve collected

28. He could pretend to give her everything

29. You were the one that they said was so weird

30. But I know which way I’d run to if the choice was mine

31. Lose yourself in wild romance

32. Is there so much hate for the ones we love?

33. Every minute of every hour

34. I’ve always worked for my living

35. I go crazy wondering what there is to really see

36. You know you satisfy everything in me

37. But it just might save your life

38. Hi guys, by the way

39. The voice of reason is one I left so far behind

40. And in her eyes, two sapphires blue

41. We remain tender together

42. It’s just a step up to paradise

43. One to one, man to man

44. You’re obliged to conform when there’s no other course

45. Carry your cup in your hand

46. It was smellin’ like a locker room

47. Always wanting more, he’d leave you longing for

48. Well don’t wait any longer

49. A leader speaks, that leader dies

50. Raise a glass, enjoy the scenery

51. You, me, and all that stuff we’re so scared of

52. Remember when the words were so new

53. I’m a man with a mission in two or three editions

54. I like to tease them

55. I’ve got a real nice place to go

56. What is this madness that makes my motor run?

57. It’s make-believe until it’s only a matter of time

58. I love your precious heart

59. It's a game of give and take

60. Step into a life of maybe

61. We’re just following ancient history

62. Just a little uncertainty can bring you down

63. It isn’t safe to walk the city streets alone

64. When you hear temptation call

65. ‘Cause what would they say if they ever knew

66. That’s where you belong, in my arms, baby, yeah

67. Here today, built to last

68. I know what it means to work hard on machines

69. Take a ride in a big yellow taxi

70. How can our love grow?

71. I can’t believe you do what you do

72. Some guys do nothing but complain

73. We’re gonna live forever

74. ‘Cause we seem to understand the urgency

75. Was it a boy when you wanted a girl?

76. In the midnight hour, I can feel your power

77. You can shoot me straight to the top

78. Turned you into someone new

79. You’ll say anything to avoid a fight

80. Don’t you wonder what we’ll find?

81. My head is full of magic, baby

82. Have we become a habit?

83. Without a noise, without my pride

84. She wants to multiply

85. And it’s hard to keep a good man down

86. Always the same theme

87. But no other man’s gonna do

88. I believe there’s so much to believe in

89. It’s too hot to handle so I got to get up and go

90. Pushing the day into the night time

91. No one can blame you for running to him

92. And you leave me, making me blue

93. Instead you laid still in the grass, all coiled up and hissing

94. But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away

95. And now they’re after me

96. I’m caught up in the magic I see in you

96. You look like you’re lots of fun

97. It felt like the world would freeze

98. Then one day she came back

99. No stars are out tonight, but we’re shining our own light

100. I never thought I’d realize what love was, what love was, what love was

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