Friday, May 20, 2005

Rachel Rocks! and William is a thespian

Tonight was the Montgomery Elementary School Talent Show, and both my kids participated. Will appeared in a little play called "How Courage Learned to Fly" -- he played Father Robin, and he was very cute patting each of his "eggs" before they hatched. Rachel and her friend Allyn, Beatles fans that they are, sang the song "I'll Follow the Sun," and they were so good! A lot of the kids who sang didn't sing loudly or clearly enough into the microphones, but Rachel and Allyn came through loud and clear. When they sang the line "And now the time has come, and so, my love, I must go," everyone kind of laughed, and it was kind of funny. Anyway, I teared up a little, and since the last time I teared up during a performance of Rachel's, I ended up totally losing it (this was back in kindergarten), I forced myself to get it together before I put on another embarrassing display.

Anyway, I'm just totally excited and proud of both kids. Here is a picture of the two of them, with Allyn:

They did so great!

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