Thursday, May 19, 2005

My life this week: this and that

1) I rejoined WW this past Saturday and I'm excited about weighing in the day after tomorrow. I feel like I've done pretty well and I really hope to see evidence on the scale. And I also really hope that I don't feel discouraged if that evidence isn't there, or is small. I really want to stick with this!

2) Busy with school stuff this week! Yesterday, I drove on a field trip for Rachel's class to Columbia State Park, where they learn about the Gold Rush. The place was waaaaaay out in BFE, and is part historical experience, part tourist trap. The buildings there are old and authentic, but they sure have a lot of shops selling the usual souvenir crap. Rachel's class ate it up! They especially liked the candy store, which isn't surprising. Ryan still remembers that candy store fondly from his own fourth grade trip to Columbia 25 years ago.

Today: talent show practice after school, 2:35-?, then a tee ball game (please please PLEASE get rained out!) and a campfire meeting, which Ryan is going to attend. He's a good guy.

Tomorrow: possibly driving on a field trip for Will's class in the morning, I can't remember where they're going. In the afternoon, I will help set up the Used Book Sale for the Montgomery Days carnival at the school and work there for the first 45 minutes. Then Ryan will work at the bean bag toss booth for 45 minutes. And then later in the evening, the talent show will happen at last. I know both kids are looking forward to it and I'm proud of them, but I'm looking forward to the end of it too.

3) I'm trudging through East of Eden for book club. It's quite good and I'm enjoying it, but it's long. I'm starting to worry a little about making my 50-Book goal by the end of the year, but then, I'll probably be able to blow through quite a few books over the summer. I realized the other day how good the mix of books I'm getting from being in two book clubs in addition to making my own choices is for me. I look forward to starting each new book with the same anticipation I used to feel as a kid, when I would come home from the library with a stack of 25 books every week and read 3 or 4 of them simultaneously :-)

4) Going to lunch with Ryan today. I am determined to make good choices!

5) I'm still liking my new haircut. I discovered it's really easy to blow dry it flipped out and some days it doesn't even new curling iron correction beyond that. Good stuff. Still no picture...

6) I took a stability ball class at the gym this morning -- first one in 4 or 5 weeks -- and my ass is going to be sore tomorrow. I mean that literally...

7) A few weeks ago I started thinking about what a pain it'll be to remodel the kitchen and tried to do some reorganizing and repair to see how long I could live with the current one. I told myself, I don't use all the stuff we already have -- why do I need more storage. This week I'm coming back around to the remodelling idea. Quantity of storage is not the problem -- it's the arrangement and accessibility of the storage we have. So now I'm thinking more in terms of getting what we want but keeping it as simple as possible. I'm hoping we can do it the IKEA way to contain costs and keep the chaos to a minimum, but I guess we'll have to see.

8) I put the URL for this blog in my email signature like I've been thinking about doing for a while, so maybe we'll get some more traffic through here. That would be nice :-)

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