Monday, August 01, 2005

Yard Work

Right after I wrote I was blowing off the gym to lie on the couch and read a book, I went outside and worked in the front yard for two hours. I found it strangely gratifying dig up these viney weeds in the front lawn. Reasonable Man is probably not going to be thrilled about the holes I left, but I think it was important to dig these suckers up down to their roots. Our front lawn is 10 years old, and it seems to be at a turning point -- we can either let it turn into one of those gnarly green patches that is really more weeds than grass like you see a lot in older neighborhoods, or we can fight for it and keep it a lawn. I don't get motivated to do this kind of crap very often, but I feel like I'm doing good work today. If only my damn iPod ear buds would stop slipping out of my ears...

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