Tuesday, August 09, 2005

50 Book Challenge Round-Up

I may do this yet. Have gained some momentum over these past few weeks and I'm looking at my current total -- 28 books in 7 months -- and thinking that's close to being on pace. I've been wanting to read some more young adult novels anyway, and those go fast so that will help and I won't feel bad about using them to pad my total since I can chalk it up to research for my own writing career.

I looked over my list this morning and did a quick tally of genres just because it feels like I've read about a zillion true crime books this year. It's actually 6, which is a pretty large percentage of 28 but not as bad as what I thought. Here's the list:

True Crime: 6
Other Non-Fiction: 4
Literary Fiction: 10
Science Fiction: 4
Mystery: 2
Young Adult Fiction: 2
Humor: 2

I could have arranged this differently. Some books are hard to classify. I could have made the Sci-Fi category "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" and put the new Harry Potter book in there instead of in the Young Adult Section, and I could have also divided up the literary fiction category into several categories like "Historical Fiction," "Chick Lit," etc. Both books in the humor category could have gone in the non-fiction category. I just went with my first instinct on most of them.

In any case, I think the total I'm most proud of is the sci-fi category. Even though they were all for book clubs and one of them could have been put in the literary fiction category if I'd wanted to put it there, I'm pretty sure I've never read 4 sci-fi books in one year before, and the two Mary Doria Russell ones were kind of difficult to get through. If I were in this just for the numbers, I might consider awarding myself credit for 2 books a piece for each of them...

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