Sunday, August 21, 2005

We are all home in one piece, the wedding was great, and I will write about it when I have a bit more energy. For now -- well, I haven't brought up celebrity happenings in a while. There just hasn't been a lot going on since Tom and Katie's World "We're in love, why don't you believe us?" Tour of Crazy came to an end. Lately all we've really had to pick over Jude Law's tearful apology to his blandly blonde actress fiancee after she found out he messed with his kids' nanny a while back. Then, while she tries to figure out if she should take the bastard back, occasionally being photographed looking "brave" and "fabulous", Jude goes to France to visit his parents and someone takes a picture of him changing clothes -- in other words, butt-naked -- the same week his bare-butt scene in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" was voted best by British movie-goers. What a life, huh? I have just a couple of comments:
1) A really good-looking, well-known actor, messing around on his fiancee? Shocking!
2) I find it kind of amusing that anyone would make a big deal out of naked pictures of Jude Law, since I'm 99.9% sure that, in that very scene in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" that the Brits were drooling over, he showed not just his ass but also anything else that might have been showing in pictures of him changing out of his bathing suit. Sure, it's an invasion of privacy and I can understand why he'd been annoyed by it, but what I can't figure out is why anyone would bother. I guess recent events have made him a hot property in the tabloid world, but seriously -- Jude's manly parts have been available for viewing since "The Talented Mr. Ripley" came out 6 years ago. The nudity is totally gratuitous -- people have been shown getting out of bathtubs onscreen plenty of times in the past without full-frontal nudity being necessary. I remember finding it very puzzling at the time. I mean, that was a pretty high-brow movie, nothing like the only other example I can think of right now, Kevin Bacon getting out of the shower near the end of "Wild Things," which was obviously meant to be trash and therefore pointless nudity seems par for the course.

Another thing about the bare-butt honorees that cracked me up was the inclusion of Ewan McGregor in "Velvet Goldmine." This is another case of "um... you only noticed his butt?" Because the main thing I remember from that movie was that not only did he appear completely nude in it, but that in one scene, he was on-stage nude and he turned around and bent over. I honesty don't seek out these salacious things in the movies -- I really don't -- but that's the sort of thing you don't forget. I happen to love Ewan McGregor, and I'm of the opinion that with the right, he is even more attractive than Jude Law, but I don't need to see that much of anyone, know what I mean? So hearing that people remembered his tush in particular after that kind of display seems odd to me.

Then again, I'm not British, so maybe they see these things differently.

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