Sunday, August 14, 2005

Neglecting My Blog

Yeah, I know I haven't posted in a few days. It's kind of hard right now with my laptop being in the shop. I don't really like posting on the desktop (yeah, I know, poor me) and I do use Ryan's laptop sometimes but I've found it's a pain to check email on the SBC website which is down a lot for some reason, so I haven't been using it much. It's actually good overall because I'm on the computer less. As for my laptop being gone, I'm feeling much better about not having it here than I thought I would. The only issue that's come up is that I'm reading a book about Beatles music right now and they talk about lots of songs I'm unfamiliar with, so I'm be downloading some of them if I had my computer. Other than that, the 7-10 days it's supposed to take them to get a look at it are flying by and I think I might not actually blow a gasket if they tell me they can't fix it. I will be upset but not about the time they've had it. Anyway, I will cross that bridge if I come to it.

Not having my computer is also delaying my being able to write a post I want to write about Celebrity Playlists on iTunes. I want to have my own collection of music in front of me when I write it.

Some of the hens are together at B's this weekend and I wish I was there with them. I hope they are having an awesome time and that they all enjoyed partying with cute hockey boys on Friday night. I would have been there in my slutty top if there was any possible way.

It's less than a week till the big day for BLB and his Bride. I talked to her on the phone the other night and she sounds pretty cool about everything, so that's good. We will be heading down to the Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill/Concord area on Thursday afternoon to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and will just stay down there till the morning after the festivities. I have surprisingly little to get taken care of before we leave: I need to make a reservation at the doggie hotel for the beastie and then deliver him there Thursday morning; hit one of the two places the happy couple is registered to get them a little something; and get some undergarments (or "magic underwear") to wear under my bridesmaid dress so I don't look like a tub in it. I have failed to lose ten lbs prior to the wedding and, you know, oh well. I have been working out a lot and I feel like I'm in better shape than I was three months ago, so that's something. The dress fits so that's that.

The kids are done with activities for the summer, other than a cooking class I forgot to take Enthusio to last week (there are still two sessions for him to go to). Mermaid was signed up to swim at the City Championships meet this past Thursday and Friday evenings -- she went Thursday but Friday she developed a migraine and couldn't go, so that kind of sucked. Enthusio had his last day of day camp on Friday and has now changed his tune and said he didn't like it and doesn't want to go next summer. I already told him that he will have a choice: day camp or SummerDarts, and he's not happy about it, but we can revisit that next spring. I really think he'll like SummerDarts if he gives it a chance and that it's really a self-confidence issue for him. In the meantime, he wants to play soccer in the spring and he wants to do some other kind sport this fall, so we'll work on that.

We have two weeks before school starts, and I for one am looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in, spending some time with Enthusio because it feels like I've hardly seen him all summer, reading some more, enjoying the wedding festivities, and did I mention relaxing? In case I haven't already mentioned it: Busiest. Summer. Ever. The relative calm of fall will be welcome!

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