Thursday, August 11, 2005

Books, Music

Yeah, remember how I said I was going to read some YA fiction because they went fast and I'd wanted to anyway? So now I'm up to 30!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower is for one of my book clubs and I gave it a * because, even though there were a lot of things about it that just didn't work for me at all, I reacted to it so strongly and there was so much about it that was well done that I just can't not recommend it to others, if only because people should form their own opinions of it, you know? The Gossip Girl book -- well, those are a guilty pleasure of mine, and instead of forking over nine bucks for this one like I've done with the last five, I will admit that I just read a copy of it sitting in the Borders' children's section over the course of a few different afternoons. Borders gets an awful lot of my money as is it so I don't feel too guilty.

Speaking of Borders, I had a really depressing experience there last week. I had coupon for 25% off any CD or DVD and so I thought it would be fun to just go in there and pick up a CD. I rarely do that since the whole music downloading revolution took off a few years ago -- in fact, you can count the number of CDs I've bought since then on the fingers of one hand -- I just prefer downloading individual songs and arranging them on CDs myself. But last week I was just tired of all the CDs in my car. Anyway, I spent about 40 minutes browsing in the Borders CD section and almost ended up walking out empty-handed. I just didn't even know how to look for what I wanted. I ended up buying a newer collection of Tori Amos songs that has some that I'm familiar with and others that I'm not, which seemed like a good idea since my two Tori CDs mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. That kind of sounds like I'm being sarcastic but I don't mean it that way -- it really is mysterious to me because I have no idea where the hell they went. I can't imagine who was here who would steal at all and steal Tori Amos in particular. Whatever.

Anyway, I've listened to it a bunch of times and I don't really like it. Oh well.

Naturally today I'm looking on and I've found 3 different CDs I want: "The Best of George Harrison," the "March of the Penguins" original score, and "I Am Sam - Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture," which is all covers of Beatles songs. Sarah McLachlan singing "Black Bird?" OMG, I could wet my pants!

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