Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wrapping Things Up

This week, I am not:
1. sleeping much
2. managing my stress very well
3. tolerating caffeine well, and the one Tylenol P.M. I took on Tuesday night made me feel like a mess all day Wednesday.

Today I need to pack up the kids and the stuff we need so we can head down to Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek/Concord for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for the wedding of BLB and the Bride (Reasonable Man will be driving down seperately a bit later -- he has some briefs he's trying to get out today). Tomorrow is a day to get primped at the day spa and help the Bride take care of any little tasks that might spring up, and Saturday is the Big Day. I've looked forward to it for months and it's all going to be a lot of fun, so why I am I feeling so anxious and overwhelmed? There honestly isn't a tremendous amount I need to do here -- Buster needs to go to the kennel and we need to drop off some movies we rented at the video store, I need to finish the load of laundry I'm doing, fold it, pack a suitcase for myself and one for Enthusio, and then there are the usual pre-trip things like taking out the trash, making sure the cat has enough food and water to make it till we get home Sunday morning, and printing out computer directions to all the places we will be driving to in the next few days. That's not really a whole lot but I'm still making myself a little crazy trying to get started on it and I'm not sure why.

I do know one thing and that is, in this state, I need to really watch it with any alcohol consumption. I was planning to do so anyway, in light of events on the Bachelorette Cruise, but my experiences this week lead me to believe that I'm extra sensitive to any kinds of chemicals right now, so yeah -- one drink at the dinner tonight and one at the wedding on Saturday. I want to feel well and enjoy these things.

I found a brilliant and cheap solution to my computer hinge issue -- it works so well and was so easy that I don't know why I didn't think of it before. One word: Velcro. I bought a package of strips of it with adhesive on the back, and put a strip of the less abrasive side along the bottom lefthand side and along the lefthand side of the lid. Then I cut a strip of the other stuff that would reach between those two strips when the screen was up and attached it, and voila! Strong, simple, easily adjustable, and cheap to replace, although I don't see that being an issue for a long, long time. Right now the strip that spans between the bottom and the lid still has the paper on it that you pull off to expose the adhesive, and I need to find attractive to stick on it and round the corners so they so poke me, but otherwise, it's great, having spent $6.99 just, I am feeling pleased at having saved myself $893.01. So there.

Well, I guess it's time to get a move on here. I'm feeling a little calmer and there's stuff to do. BLB and the Bride -- I'll see you in 6 1/2 hours. Everyone else -- take care, and I'll be back on Sunday.

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