Saturday, November 20, 2004

So now:

It's Thanksgiving vacation. Tonight we are having people over for dinner: Josh from Ryan's office and his wife Patty, and Yvonne from Ryan's office and her husband Mark. All very cool people and it should be fun. I should probably think about what needs to be done before they get here and what we're going to feed them and serve them to drink, since they will be here in 7 1/2 hours!

Tomorrow: back to writing. I've now not touched my novel in 48 hours, and the rest of today isn't looking great either, but I expect to be able to play major catch-up Sunday-Wednesday, since the kids are off and we have nothing planned other than Rachel going to her friend Allyn's house for a sleepover tomorrow night. Which obviously doesn't require a whole lot out of me. Anyway, I have just over 32,000 words, and as of today, I should have 34,000, which makes this only the second time I have ever been officially behind in the history of my participation in Nano. The first time, of course, being two weeks ago when I erased the whole thing at 6100 words and had to start all over again.

I caught up then and I'll catch up this time too, not to worry.

We're going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I'm in charge of the pies. I'll probably make one pumpkin and one berry. It should be fairly low-key, with just Mom, Daddy, Grandma, us four Bezerras, and Chad and Angela popping in. We're going to bring Yahtzee :-)

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