Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm already having a more productive day than yesterday! I'm actually dressed and have my teeth brushed. I started laundry and raked some leaves. Will was "helping" me -- he was taking small handfuls of leaves over to the pile as I was sweeping the driveway, and dribbling them across the grass that I'd already raked. But that was okay. I thought it was sweet that he wanted to help. He went on to tell me he wanted to do "one job every day" and this was his job of the day. By the time we were finishing making our big pile of leaves, he was up to 3 jobs a day, and when we came inside, he was saying 3 jobs in the morning and 3 jobsin the afternoon. I told him I thought that might be too many jobs. For now I'd like to see if we can work on the one-job-a-day thing, and maybe start giving him an allowance.

I finally got the picture I wanted on here! The one I had of the kids and me was too small. I picked the current one not because it's such a great picture but because Rachel took it on our fun camping trip to Mt. Diablo last summer. I look happy in it. Rachel's a good photographer :-)

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