Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Crazy Days

I hate conference week! The kids get out at 1:30 every day this week. Naturally this is the week that I have out-of-town-errands to run practically everyday. Yesterday Sue and I took yoga, went for coffee, ran home to shower/groom, then took off for Vacaville, where we hit Michaels, Old Navy and Costco, then raced back to Davis where we arrived just as school was getting out.. I took the kids home, put purchases away, figured out Rachel's homework, and then we made a quick trip to Office Max to get stuff to organize said homework better before going over to work at the book faire at school for two hours. Today promises to be just as crazy. I'll hit the gym, we'll probably go to coffee, then I'll probably go to Safeway to order the birthday cake for tomorrow and pick up a few things before I come home and shower. Then I'll go to West Sac to hopefully find party favors at the dollar store and munchies/drinks to take with us to the party. Am hoping to spend a minimum amount of $$$ but we'll see -- as of right now, we have 20 kids coming, including Rachel and Will. I will be glad to have birthday parties done for the year after tomorrow afternoon!

After school, we'll take Will to his class at 2, and then before 3:30 I'll leave Rachel at Sue's for a while so I can go to P/T conferences with Will's teacher at 3:30 and with Rachel's at 4:30. I'm hoping for all good news about both of them!

Neeless to say, all of this has been cutting into my writing time! The sad thing is, I bounced out of bed feeling ready to write yesterday morning, and actually got about 500 words written before I left for the gym. But by the time I was able to get back to it last night, I was totally out of the mood. I'd been thinking I would definitely hit 30K words yesterday, but I just got past 29K and then got off the computer to fold laundry and watch the season premiere of "The Amazing Race" instead. Today I will hopefully do a little better with all that. At the very least I will hit that 30K mark. Part of the problem, I think, is that I've been putting in some scenes just to fill some space before I get into the sequence of events that will carry the story to its conclusion. I've been nervous about all of that not taking the remaining 20K of words I need to write. But hopefully if I take my time with it and don't try to rush through, it'll be fine. Plus, I need to just go for it and not worry about pacing so much. It will all work out!

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