Friday, November 12, 2004

Nano Update

I did pass the 20,000 word mark yesterday -- in fact I actually passed 21,000 by the time I closed out for the day. That was about 3K for the day, which would have been great except that I was on the computer all day. Last Saturday when Becky and I were writing together, I got 10K in one day. The differences were that last Saturday I had a) adrenaline -- I was starting from scratch after accidentally erasing what I had up to that point and I knew I had to get cracking if I was going to catch up; b) no kids around (this pesky mothering thing, I swear!); and c) no internet connection. Sadly, I think item c had the biggest impact on my productivity last weekend -- with my computer serving no purpose but to allow me to write, I found myself actually writing every time I sat down to it.

Which is not to say I don't love having my friends to chat with when I sit down to work. Most days I don't know what I would do without them :-)

So my novel has a theme song! It just kind of happened. Last week I downloaded a bunch of songs from iTunes, one of which was "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton. I really liked it, and the lyrics I could understand were kind of weird, so I looked up the lyrics online. Some of it is hard to decipher -- I'm still not sure what the "white houses" actually represent -- what's very clear is that the bulk of the song is about a young girl who rushes into a sexual relationship with a guy who turns out to be not so nice. And that's what my novel is about. So I've listened to the song a bunch of times and took my working title, _What I Gave You Is Yours to Keep_ from the lyrics. It's nothing major but it's the kind of thing that can give you a little boost as you travel down the NaNoWriMo road...

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