Friday, November 12, 2004

I'll admit to be slightly bummed out when I woke up and saw that the rain was gone this morning. Yesterday it was the perfect excuse to stay home all day. The kids were actually pretty good -- we played triple Yahtzee on the computer in the morning, which took almost an hour (and we got 9 yahtzees between the three of us!), and I read to Will a couple of times later in the day (I found the three Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books I haven't read to him yet in a used book store the other day) and that seemed to keep everyone occupied pretty well. Rachel can pretty much happily entertain herself all day if Will isn't bugging her -- which is not to say that it's always his fault when they fight, but it is usually him who's instigating their being in the same room together. She's pretty solitary and he's pretty social and if he's not getting positive attention in the form of her playing with him, he'll take fighting over her ignoring him. Pretty typical kid stuff...

As for me -- I sat on the couch with the computer all day. Literally. At 4 pm, I hadn't showered, gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, or eaten anything since breakfast. About 2 pm, I'd attempted to fix myself a french bread pizza, but I'd ended up burning it beyond recognition so I threw it away. Pathetic. Nevertheless, I managed to shower and groom myself, vacuum the family room and get dinner started before Ryan got home.

Today is going to have to be more productive. The kids are going to have to be taken out, and I should probably go to the gym. We may go to Trader Joe's later on too.

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