Saturday, November 13, 2004

Night on the town

Last night was so much fun! Ryan and I went to see "Movin' Out," the musical choreographed by Twyla Tharp to songs by Billy Joel. I really enjoyed it. I've always loved his music (even though I'm totally grossed out that he married at 23-year-old girl recently and he's like my parents' age), and though some of the beginning parts didn't work that well (the sight of three high school buddies kind of joking around, roughhousing, and then breaking into ballet in unison was kind of silly), as it went on and the two guys who were supposed to have returned from Viet Nam were going through a lot of bad stuff and then facing their demons, I really got into it, and tears even came to my eyes a couple of times. The main guy who played Eddie was just amazing. He was this little short guy (seriously -- we saw him in the lobby after the show and he was really small) but from the second he came on stage you could tell he was going to be the hit of the show, and he was. I really wish we could go back and see it again, though with what the tickets cost and how long ago we got them, I know it's out of the question!

It wasn't a very long show, so afterward we drove back to Davis and had drinks at a bar in town, and just talked. Ryan was on a water law panel at some kind of a presentation yesterday, and apparently it got contentious. He was telling me all about how all the "local water law celebrities" were there, which always kind of cracks me up. It sounds like Ryan himself could be becoming one of those celebrities :-) After we came home and paid the sitter, we went out in the spa for a while. It was raining but we have an umbrella, and it was so nice out there. All in all, it was really a nice evening for just the two of us, something we don't do nearly often enough.

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