Friday, June 17, 2005

This and That

So Katie and Tom got engaged yesterday. At the Eiffel Tower. In Paris. Because, you know if you're on a publicity tour in Europe and you want to propose to the girlfriend everyone kind of suspects is actually your beard because you're acting so freaky about the whole thing, you definitely want to pick the most obvious landmark in the most obvious city to do the deed, right? I'm just saying.

Today marks full week of summer vacation, and thus far we are surviving. This week has mainly consisted of driving back and forth to the gym and driving Rachel back and forth to swim practice, with assorted errands thrown in. I have two more items to add to my "Things to Accept about Summer" list. One is that despite the fact that swim practice is great for Rachel, it is going to guarantee that her hair looks like crap for most of the summer, and it is also going wear her out and make her crabby in the late afternoons and evenings, at least for the first few weeks while she's getting used to it. Also, she already has a better tan than I'm going to get all summer long. One thing that remains to be seen is whether she actually learns to swim any faster. We went to watch her practice on Wednesday and it was kind of funny because, while it was obvious that she was enjoying it all immensely, she was also consistently a half a lap behind the rest of the girls in her group. Now don't get me wrong -- I don't really care if she ever starts winning races, and I'm not arguing that she could swim faster and beat everyone if she really wanted to. I bring it up because I find it amusing. They do this thing called "over and under" where they swim across the lane lines, and I couldn't help noticing that when Rachel was going over, she would slide quite gracefully over the line into the water. Gracefully and languidly, as a matter of fact, as though she was enjoying herself so much that she was actually taking her time with on purpose. On the way home, I asked her if she liked to swim fast or swim slow, and she said slow. I tried to get sense of whether she understood that what she was in training for was to race, and she didn't really seem to get it. So all I know at this point is that she lives for 2 pm every week day and that my worries that she wouldn't be able to do this were all for naught. She can certainly continue swimming as long as she wants as far as I'm concerned, whether she ever wants to try to swim faster or not.

Yesterday I finally finished online traffic school, and passed the final test with 96%. What I hadn't realized was that once I finished it, I then had to wait for them to mail me my certificate, which I am then supposed to mail to the Yolo Courts. And being that the due date for that is today, I think I'm going to be missing the deadline. To recap: after receiving kind of a bogus ticket for failure to yield, I paid the fine (somewhere around $150) plus the extra $39.00 to be allowed the privelege of attending traffic school, then paid the $20 to the online traffic school but procrastinated on finishing the course long enough to make it so that all my efforts and the $60 I paid were completely wasted. I'm going to play dumb and go ahead and send in the certificate in when it arrives, but I'm not really expecting any leniency. At least I'm done reading the damn vehicle code.

The great contact lens experiment continues to go well, in that I am actually able to get the things in and out of my eyes each day. It goes poorly, however, in that they are not actually helping me see particularly well. I went in for a little check-up the other day and my optometrist said he would order some other ones for me, which I hope will work better than the ones currenting adhered to my eyeballs (and I hope will actually arrive in their office soon, since I'm using a pair that I was supposed to throw away a few days ago and they're starting to fall apart). I like not wearing glasses but there is something about being able to see properly that I miss...

Looking ahead to this weekend: Ryan and Will head off to Calaveras Big Trees for a camping trip with Will's Campfire troop tomorrow. This will be Ryan's very first camping experience, and let me tell you, he is oh so looking forward to it. While he's out, I will going out for a girls' night with some friends to celebrate my birthday, which is Sunday. 35 years old -- how did that happen? This is the first number that has bothered me, and I'm kind of over that, really, since I've already passed the part of the year where I start thinking I'm the age I'm about to turn. That happens around the beginning of March pretty much every year...

I think we have about reached total Beatles saturation in this house. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I want to listen to anything but the Beatles in the car, and we've now rented "Yellow Submarine," "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Night" twice each. Am thinking it's time to try turning Miss Rachel on to some new music before I start to go a little buggy.

Weirdly cool weather this week -- even some rain yesterday. It didn't bother us -- all Rachel cared about was that her swim practice didn't get cancelled. People are complaining that it should be warmer right now, but as far as I'm concerned, any summer day where the temperature is under 90 degrees is okay by me.

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