Monday, June 20, 2005

Starbucks is trying to kill me...

... or at least ruin my diet. Not only have they brought back the Mocha Malt Frappucino (not available in the lite version) but now they've put out a Chocolate Mint version of those bottled Frappucinos you can get at the grocery store or wherever. I grabbed one at the Quick Step (or whatever the hell it's called) mini-mart on the way to Rachel's swim practice today because I was afraid I was going to get all sleepy like I did the last time, and MMMMMMMM. Those suckers are 4 WW points a pop and there's no way I'm only going to drink half at a time -- plus I skipped the gym this morning due to my crazy schedule and Will sleeping in past 8:30 a.m. (rock on, Will!), so I guess we're having a light dinner tonight...

In honor of the good folks at (listen up, hens!):
This snack was discovered by Tracie at Safeway.
I'd post a review of it there but they don't appear to care about beverages. But Jeremy cares way too much about chips.

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