Saturday, June 18, 2005


This morning I got up and went to Weight Watchers. Didn't really know what to expect -- I was "good" (as in staying reasonably within my points and exercising consistently) for most of the week, but didn't journal the last two days, and last night, after snacking a lot during the afternoon, we went out for Mexican food (to the place where I'm usually not "good"). I limited my chip intake but still had a good amount, then ordered pretty well. But then we got home and I ate a good deal of dessert. Still, staying on plan for most of the week worked out, as I was down 2 lbs, making it a total of 6 lbs lost. I would like to lose 20-25 more -- 20 to get to my WW goal weight and then possibly the other 5 or so depending on how I'm feeling at that point. Regardless -- I will continue to attend the meetings each week once I reach my goal because I know that's the only way to maintain my weight loss. I will not fall into that trap of complacency again!

Came home and helped Ryan and Will load up the minivan for their Campfire camp-out, and they took off. I hope they have fun and don't get rained on! Now it's just Rachel and me. I think we'll go get our nails done and go out to lunch, maybe do some shopping. Tonight I'm going out with friends for a girls' night, although there is no particular plan as of yet. We'll work on it. I'm looking forward to having the day with Rachel. It wasn't till fairly recently that I realized how easy it is to have just her. Will interacts with me a lot more, but he interacts with everyone and everything a lot more too, meaning that he needs to be monitored a lot more. Rachel is just really laid back when we're out.

Tomorrow, I predict there will be a lot of lying around. Ryan and Will are bound to be tired after camping, I imagine we'll go out for dinner somewhere kid-friendly, as I am not cooking on my birthday. Not expecting a big celebration or anything though, and that's fine. Other than tonight, I'm just looking forward to a nice, low-key, relaxing weekend.

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