Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rachel's Latest Obsession

Lately Rachel is obsessed with the cat. Emma is nearly 13, so she obviously pre-dates Rachel in our family. We have lots of pictures of the two of them together when Rachel was a baby. That was before Emma got smart and demanded to become an indoor-outdoor cat. She made herself scarce most of the time after that. When we moved into our current house, she made her displeasure about being moved evident by peeing on the carpet, mostly in one corner of the living room. That was when she became an outdoor cat and took up residence mostly in the garage, where she perfected her hobby: vomitting on our cars. Since that time, she's become elderly, and sometimes when she's really lapping up the attention I deign to bestow on her when I'm coming and going, I wish we could move her back into the house. Alas, this is impossible because of Buster, who heads right for the garage to harrass her any time he manages to escpape from the backyard, in spite of the fact that she kicks his canine ass each and every time. One time she cut his eyelid, left one of her claws sticking out of his nose, and peed on him, which is, I believe, the literal definition of adding insult to injury. I cannot begin to understand why he keeps messing with her.

Anyway, for some reason, after ignoring her for about the last 6 years, suddenly Emma is on Rachel's radar again, and Rachel goes out to the garage several times a day to visit her. I'm sure Emma enjoys this a whole lot. Well, maybe she actually does. We have to ask Rachel to remove her person from Buster's little 11-pound frame several times a day, but I know Emma doesn't put up with that sort of thing and will use her claws when necessary. She does enjoy pretty much any human attention she gets anymore. Since Rachel is suddenly so attached to Emma, I thought I should probably explain to her than, even though Emma appears pretty healthy right now (despite not having been to the vet for several years :-/), it's possible she might not live too much longer. Normally, this sort of comment doesn't have much effect on Rachel, but this time she was actually paying attention, and it alarmed her. Since then, every time we go into the garage and Emma isn't there in her usual spot on the blanket on top of a computer box in the garage, Rachel becomes concerned and asks "where's Emma? Did she die? Is she dead?" and I have to assure her that Emma is probably fine. One of these days I'm going to be wrong, though, and that's not going to be a good day.

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