Monday, June 27, 2005

Showing Off My Kids

I'm not good at keeping my webpage updated anyway, and since I've been writing this blog, it's gotten even worse, so I'm just going to share some photos here...

A few months ago I was with some friends and we had one of those photos taken where you dress up in old-fashioned clothes. I'd never done it before and I thought it was really fun, so I decided to have one taken of the kids instead of a regular portrait -- I knew they'd think it was fun, and it came out really cute!

Will played tee ball for the second time this spring and here's his picture from that:

The owner of our gym (who is also a friend of ours) took this picture of Rachel in gym pool recently. It may appear in ads for the gym in the local paper as well. I just thought it was really cute -- kind of a snapshot of Rachel's summer, since she loves swimming so much :-)

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