Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good-bye, Freedom -- I'll See You Again in the Fall

This morning at the gym I realized that today is the kids' last full day of school. Tomorrow they both get out at 1:30 because it's Wednesday, and on Thursday, ie the last day of school, dismissal is at 12:30. Therefore, I have decided to lay around like a slug today. I already worked out, which is good, because I might have slugged out on that as well had I realized the situation earlier. In any case, I am good and grubby from my workout but I have no plans to shower any time soon and I plan to sit here with the ol' laptop for a good long while. I have a coffee from Starbucks beside me, and if I can just get rid of this stupid freaking headache that keeps bugging me, this should be a very nice day.

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