Tuesday, January 04, 2005

This morning

Getting up this morning wasn't any easier than yesterday -- this cough still cut into my sleep time -- but I felt the difference as soon as I was actually upright. I feel human today! I'm headed to yoga after I drop the kids off. Then I'm hoping to get all the Christmas decorations inside the house taken down, and if it stays dry outside, I'll take down the lights too. I always have mixed reactions to taking down the Christmas stuff -- on the one hand, Christmas is over and the stuff starts to feel like clutter once New Year's is past, and on the other, I love Christmas, and the house feels very sterile and spare once the stuff is gone. But it has to come down, and better while the kids are out of the house!

We had an impromptu visit to the pediatrician's office yesterday -- when we were driving home from school, Rachel told me her ear hurt. She claimed she'd chewed up some paper and put it in there. I couldn't get anything out with tweezers and she seemed to be in a fair amount of pain, so I made an appt. The doctor couldn't see paper in there -- he let me look in both her ears and we just saw waxy stuff -- so they flushed a bunch of cruddy gross-looking stuff out of each ear. When he looked again, the doctor said her eardrum on the sore side looked irritated like she had a bit of swimmer's ear, which makes sense considering how much she's been in the spa lately, and he prescribed some ear drops. On the subject of her continued insistance on putting stuff in her ears, she lost two days of computer time, and that pissed her off mightily! I am hoping it will really sink in this time, though I'm not holding my breath.

Yesterday was day one with the new aide, Jessica, and it seemed to go fine. I let Mrs. D. know that I want to do whatever is necessary to make the situation work out *crossing my fingers*

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