Sunday, January 16, 2005

Computer Hell

I was there for three days. On Tuesday I bought a new computer desk at IKEA, and on Wednesday I took down my computer system so I could put the desk together and set the system up on it. First problem: my wireless router was no longer working. I called the manufacturer to see if they could help me, and they told me A) the lights that were on indicated that the router was dead, and B) it was no longer under warranty even though they just replaced the stupid thing for me 8 months ago. So okay, I needed a new router. Went over to Office Max and bought one. But then when I went to set it up, I could no longer get my DSL connection going. Turned out that the 18-volt a/c adapter for my modem had somehow burnt out.

They didn't have one at Radio Shack (bleah). I was able to get the modem running using the 12-volt adapter that came with the new router, but I needed it for the router and I was worried about the effect on the modem, so I called SBC to see about getting a replacement for the modem adapter. They agreed that I should get the appropriate adapter for the modem and referred me to their DSL store, so I called there and was informed that they don't carry accessories for my modem because it's too old. They referred me to the manufacturer, who informed me that, since they don't make that modem anymore, they don't have an adapter available for it either. I spoke to two different people at SBC who both told me as long as the modem was working, it probably was fine to stay with the 12-volt adapter, but since I was going to have to get another one anyway, I decided I should really try to get another 18-volt one to use with the modem.

Ryan is out of town on business this weekend (wtf?), so yesterday I took my kids to Fry's Electronics Super Store(otherwise known as the fifth circle hell to those of us who are female) on a Saturday and endured all the sales guys with superior attitudes and the line to the cashiers that rivalled anything you encounter at Disney World during spring break, so as to purchase a "universal" a/c adapter for $35. Once I got everything hooked up properly, including a wireless connection on my laptop, I still wasn't able to get online, so there was yet another tech support call before everything was copecetic.

In short:
Trips to Radio Shack: 2
Trips to Office Max: 2
Trips to Fry's Fifth Cirle of Hell: 1
Calls to Speedstream (manufacturer of modem and old router):2
Calls to NetGear (manufacturer of new router):2
Calls to SBC DSL: I lost count. Somewhere around 9.
Times I melted down in frustration: 3
Outlay of cash: ~$125.00

All this because I dared to unhook my computer equipment and then set it all up again. I got it a nice new desk for it to live in -- you would think it would be more grateful. Hmph. Anyhow, I'm never taking the system down again. If we ever decide to move, I'm going to slide a pallet under the desk and move the whole thing with a forklift.

(Note: The preceding account contains the omission of certain events that may have been the result of fuck-ups directly attributable to the author during her time in Computer Hell. The author feels that frustration suffered and money spent during her time in Computer Hell more than make up for her being somewhat less than completely forthcoming in this account, and suggests than any readers who have a problem with that can suck it.)

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