Thursday, January 06, 2005


Yesterday I had the stomach flu for the third time this year. WTF? I used to get it fairly often as a kid, but as an adult, I usually go years in between bouts. I had it once last spring, and before that, it had been 8 years since the last time I'd had it. What is up with either the germs that are going around this year or my immune system, anyway?

Yesterday was just horrible. I wasn't eating or drinking anything since I knew it was just going to come back up anyway, but since my body was insisting on expelling anything that might be in my stomach every 30 to 45 minutes anyway, I just ended up retching even harder. Next time I will eat saltines in between just to have something in there that will come up easily. My whole stomach area and rib cage were hurting so bad I thought I'd die. The last time it happened was after the kids came home from school, and I was just glad that when you close both the laundry room door and the bathroom door, not a lot of sound gets through, because I sound awful throwing up.

I woke up in the early evening feeling better, and I went in the spa to deal with my aching back and hips. Oh, it was heaven! I spent the evening on the couch drinking Gatorade and watching TV, helping with the kids when I could (it seemed like Rachel and Ryan did homework for *hours* last night), and then I went in the spa again before going to bed.

The night didn't go much better. I woke up for extended periods three times, bathed in sweat and with a splitting headache. My first priority upon getting out of bed this morning was taking a shower -- I felt *disgusting* -- but I haven't been able to dry it so it's just going to be stringy and yuck all day. This headache is still killing me. A friend offered to do carpool for me this morning, but it turned out she couldn't and when Will whined at me about something stupid I ended up screaming at him in the car, complete with swearing :-( But I apologized and told him I love him before I dropped them off, and now they're at school and I can spend the next 6 hours concentrating on feeling better. I'm going to try to choke down an egg and see how that feels, and if it goes okay, I may brave some Excedrin for this headache, because it's killing me.

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