Thursday, January 20, 2005

Good things this week:

1)I've been going running every other day, so I've kept up my exercise even though my workout buddy hase been sick (Get better soon, Sue!)

2)I rejoined WW Online the day before yesterday and have been pretty much sticking to it. I feel good about it, and not deprived, so far.

3)Today instead of playing computer games, I got out the hard copy of my Nano novel and I've started editting it. I want to get this sucker into shape so I can have some people read it.

4)Tomorrow is "Thunder Down Under" at Cache Creek, and I'm looking forward to a fun night out with the girls instead of sort of dreading how lame it was going to be, like I was before. We are going to eat and drink too much, I already know, but I will just eat really light all day and then let myself enjoy the evening. No big deal.

5)This morning I enjoyed a rousing theatrical production of "Harry the Dirty Dog" at the Crest Theater with Will's class. I was only on the reserve list for driving on the field trip, but then a mom got sick and they called me up. We parked in a garage that let us out on across from the Capitol, and when we were leaving, there was a stream of people carrying "Electoral Dysfunction" signs with Bush's picture of them leaving the Capital steps. As we were waiting for a bunch of them to pass so we could get out to the street, one of the kids in the back said "wow, what are they doing? Are they having a party?" Of course I felt cautious, not wanting to say anything too opinionated in case it got back to a conservative parent who complained to the teacher or something like that, so I just said "they don't like the president, and they met there to talk about it." One of my passengers commented, "yeah, I like John Kerry better" and Will and his other classmate agreed. All three of them are in first grade! It's so good to we are mostly breeding them liberal here in Davis :-)

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