Monday, January 09, 2006

Television is a Dangerous Thing

Item # 1: Over New Year's weekend, I watched so many episodes of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" that last week I had a romantic dream about Vincent D'Onofrio. Sure, his quirky performance as Detective Robert Goren is slammin', but I still think that this cannot be healthy.

Item #2: I've been getting way too worked up over commercials. When they show ads for that horrible looking movie "Hostel," I go all Moral Majority and start ranting about how they shouldn't be showing those things before 9 pm. And every time I see that Weight Watchers commercial with the Cher song playing in the background, I start composing a letter to WW in my head, demanding to know what they think they're doing, using a song sung by a woman who's had ribs removed to be thinner to advertise a healthy method of weight loss?

Item #3: I have a new reality TV addiction: "Project Runway." I've never watched any of the "profession" reality shows (Apprentice, American Idol, Top Model, etc.) but I watched 5 minutes of this show about bitchy wannabe designers and I was hooked. Anyone know how I can get a hold of season one?

Item #4: I've gotten myself sucked into another season of "Real World/Road Rule Challenge," and that's never a good thing.

Item #5: I keep ordering DVDs of "Little House on the Prairie" from Netflix. Season 6, where Almanzo Wilder came on the scene, if you want to know. I knew that season had lots of kissing, but who knew it also had the episode where Mary's husband Adam got pinned underneath a stagecoach, and Mary had to go wandering around blind in the wilderness, trying to get help? The drama!

Item #6: After 3 or 4 weeks or reruns, they are showing new episodes of "Starting Over" everyday again, starting this week. There's an hour of productivity every week day gone once again. Oh well....


Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one who watches a lot of tv! i too watch the real world/road rules challenge. and my sisters and i get together for project runway. we do the same thing for top model...if you want to get hooked on another show, you should watch it when it starts up again. right now, i'm also watching dancing with the stars...i've even got chad watching it!


Sarahlynn said...

I had a dream recently wherein I almost hooked up with House, M.D. At the time, it was rather sweet. After I woke up . . . well, I realized that it wasn't really very healthy either.

And now whenever we watch House, my husband talks about my
boyfriend," which is just annoying.