Saturday, February 03, 2007

Having heard from a reader yesterday in no uncertain terms that I "suck" for not posting recently, I feel the need to rectify the situation. So I shall. I just don't want any complaints about the fact that I don't actually have a whole lot to say at the moment. It's 7:20 on a Saturday evening, and after a day of lying around watching about 20 episodes of "Scrubs" with BLB and the Bride, we are currently watching "The Princess Bride" on Bravo (even though we own the DVD) and basically doing nothing productive. The kids are arguing, which they seem to be doing a lot of lately. Reasonable Man and I will probably have bowls of cereal or something equally gourmet for dinner. And tomorrow we host our first ever Super Bowl party, which should be fun despite the fact that I do not give a rat's ass about football and was hard pressed to come up with Chicago's opponent (Indianappolis, and I did come up with it, all on my own) in tomorrow's game.

In more significant news, it's official: Enthusio is having a good year in school. He likes school, has friends, and is graduating from psychotherapy in a few weeks. He still tells bad jokes, but I fear this is something he won't outgrow, as his father also tells bad jokes on a regular basis. Anyway, that's all good. Mermaid has had some issues come up at school recently, but nothing major. She is still essentially the same happy kid she's been for the last year. Who knew puberty would be such a breeze? Homework is still a drag, and is likely to get worse next year when she starts junior high, but she's not worrying about it, so why should I? (yeah right!)

I'm not sure where January went. I did a few projects around the house (put up cabinets in the laundry room, replaced the light fixtures in a couple of bathrooms) and otherwise went about my regular business of going to the gym, drinking coffee, driving my kids around, avoiding cooking dinner, and watching stupid amounts of reality TV. Oh yeah, now I remember: I spent most of January watching the first 6 seasons of America's Next Top Model. I now have two episodes left of season 6 and then I'm done. I don't know whether to be relieved or devastated. What a twisted, aggravating and totally addictive show. Good thing the new season starts at the end of this month!

I guess I should start looking around and figuring out what needs to be done before our party guests arrive. Can you feel my excitement?

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