Sunday, February 26, 2006

We Now Return To Normally Scheduled Brain Activity

Well, thank God the Olympics are almost over. No wonder I didn't get anything done in the 90s -- skating comes on and it's all I can think about. Not good. Considering how much other crap I've had going on while 99% of my mental energy is focused on things like whether that girl had a good free leg position on her layback spin, it's kind of amazing I've continued to function at all.

Anyway, now all that stuff is over (till the World Championships next month!) and I can concentrate on important things like writing in my blog.

I want to wish a very happy birthday to the Bride, who had, like, a totally radical 80s party to celebrate last night. Normally I don't get too into the whole theme thing, but this one, as you can imagine, was right up my alley. I don't even want to tell you how much of my non-skating brain power went to working on my outfit this past week. Reasonable Man got into it as well, and we were quite pleased with ourselves when we were ready to leave:
A few notes:
1) I am not pregnant, but I'm pretty sure only pregnant women dress this way nowadays. I will confess that I totally would have worn this outfit back in the 80s.

2) Yes, those are stirrup pants. What a hideous fashion they were! I think even girls with skinny little hips must have looked dumpy in these things.

3) You can't see my jewelry very well in this picture, so I want point out that I was wearing two different dangly earrings and a big sparkly pin at the collar of my shirt.

4) Reasonable Man says he doesn't remember people wearing Converse All-Stars back in the 80s, but he grew up in the boonies, so whatever.

It was really fun to see what people came up with 80s gear at the party. My mom, as well as the Bride's mom, went for the whole workout/Olivia Newton-John "Physical"/Flashdance thing, while the Bride herself was rocking a Madonna "Like a Virgin" black mesh deal. There was lots of big hair, one really scary mullet wig, and a whole lot of spandex, blue eyeshadow, and sweatshirts with the collars cut out. A tubular time was had by all. And I'm keeping my outfit for the next time I get invited to an 80s party :-)

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Erin Nicole said...

very nice...i especially like the stirrup pants...i wore a lot of those well past the 80's! *L*